Pat Somerset

Animals have always been an interest of mine, especially dogs, and my first ' own ' dog after I left home took me into the world of obedience. Subsequent dogs led me further into canine activities, myself and my working sheep dogs took part in working trials, which I really enjoyed. I then acquired a Toller who took me into the showing world and she did very well, becoming the first Best Bitch at Crufts 2002. I currently have her daughter, my only dog at present, and we work together in rally obedience. After meeting Pam Shaw about 10 years ago I became interested in her method of teaching dogs. In 2008 I took Jan Fennell's Foundation & Advanced Courses like Pam had done previously. It changed my outlook on how to treat dogs, I put it into practice and was pleasantly surprised to see the change in my dogs. I have assisted Pam Shaw with the Foundation & Advanced Courses in Canine Communication.

Business Details
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